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Body Vibration Therapy

If you are looking for an exercise routine which will burn excess body fat, increase muscle strengths, build bone density, decrease cellulite, reduce back and joint pain, and enhance balance and coordination, then body vibration therapy is highly recommended. Vibra Slim is fitness and weight loss machine that has been developed by science and since body vibration therapy has proven to be so successful, Vibra Slim is found in sports clubs, universities and fitness centers across the country. There are many other machines on the market which claim to offer the best in body vibration therapy but the fact is many of the vibration machines are made from inferior quality components and are not able to offer the same benefits as the Vibra Slim. The Vibra Slim vibration plate is made form solid steel and this gives the machine a longer lifespan, and a silent operation. When it comes to cost, although the Vibra Slim may be more costly than the cheap imitation machines, Vibra Slim is sold with a two year warranty, and has a powerful two horse motor, that caters to effective body vibration therapy.

The vibration plate is a major component of the My Vibra Slim and is constructed with top quality motors, bearings, steel and electronics and more than giving the Vibra Slim an extended lifespan, body vibration therapy is greatly enhanced. The fact that body vibration therapy offers effective and quick results, has allowed more and more doctors to recommend the Vibra Slim and in fact, body vibration therapy is unlike any other type of weight loss of fitness therapy, which is tedious and which shows little results. With body vibration therapy, results are virtually instant and many top athletes enjoy body vibration therapy as part of their fitness training regimes. Everyone has time for body vibration therapy, as it can be done anywhere and anytime and since the Vibra Slim is compact with a footprint of only 22 x 32 inches, it can fit in behind doors, or in closets.

Body vibration therapy is receiving a lot of good attention and because Vibra Slim is made with top quality components, it will deliver effective results. Body vibration therapy will not put the body under any stress during exercising, as there is not point of impact, like in jogging or brisk walking and to this end, more doctors and therapists are recommending body vibration therapy as an effective all body work out. By visiting the My Vibra Slim website, internet users can see the machine in action and learn more about the benefits of body vibration therapy. Feel free to browse the My Vibra Slim website, and view the online video of exactly how the Vibra Slim operate and how science has taken exercising and fitness to be taken to a whole new level. Vibra Slim's success has give celebrities, sports teams, health and fitness clubs and universities the chance to offer body vibration therapy as part of their fitness and exercise program.




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