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My Vibra Slim is a fitness and weight loss machine that is supported by science and has proven to be so successful in fitness and weight loss that the machine is used in sports clubs, universities and fitness centers around the country. Vibration exercise is certainly receiving good attention and since My Vibra Slim is fitted with a solid Fitness Vibration Plate it is able to deliver effective results. The Fitness Vibration Plate will not put the body under undo stress during exercising and as more doctors and therapist recommend the My Vibra Slim. There are other vibration exercise machines on the market; however, when making a purchase on these machines, buyers are urged to compare each machine, as not all are created equal. The Fitness Vibration Plate which is a major component of the My Vibra Slim is constructed with the best quality motors, bearings, steel and electronics and this state of the art Fitness Vibration Plate will make certain that the machine has an extended lifespan. In addition to the high quality construction of the Fitness Vibration Plate, our sales representatives are trained and experienced in vibration exercise therapy and as such, when the My Vibra Slim is purchased, our sales team will offer the best advice and recommendations on how to enjoy an all round workout.

Several other vibration machines are made with a plastic Fitness Vibration Plate, however in the case of the My Vibra Slim the plate is solid steel and more than giving the machine a long lifespan, the solid steel Fitness Vibration Plate caters to a silent operation. In terms of cost, the My Vibra Slim is by far the most affordable on the market and each machine is sold with a two year warranty. The Fitness Vibration Plate built into My Vibra Slim is the backbone of the machine and the sturdy construction of the plate will enhance the quality of vibration exercise. For those who are looking to increase flexibility, build bone density, decease blood pressure, improve blood circulation, burn fat and decrease cellulite, the My Vibra Slim has been designed to do it all and those who are eager to see the Vibra Slim in action, can visit the My Vibra Slim website, We have posted an online video of exactly how the Fitness Vibration Plate works and how the science has allowed exercising and fitness to be taken to a whole new level.

By visiting our website, internet browsers can order the Vibra Slim and they can also find out how it work and who should be using this powerful machine which is supported by a solid steel Fitness Vibration Plate. The success of Vibra Slim has allowed many celebrities, sports teams, health and fitness clubs and universities to take advantage of the overall health benefits offered by Vibra Slim. Take a moment to browse our website and see who is cashing in on the most scientifically advanced exercising machine - Vibra Slim.




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