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Whole Body Vibration Exercise

Whole body vibration exercise is backed by many years of in-depth scientific research. It was invented by the Soviet's Space Program and is now widely used for health and fitness. Cosmonauts who experienced significant loss of bone density and muscle tissue as the result of lack of gravity found that using whole body vibration exercises not only stopped the loss but further increased bone density and strengthened muscle tissue. Today, NASA fully embraces the exercise technology and they have had great success with it.

Now, whole body vibration exercise with VibraSlim is the newest way to workout. Many celebrities and athletes from around the world have benefited from its effects. It has shown to cause accelerated weight and improve muscle strength and performance. Increase you flexibility and range of motion and enhance critical blood flow throughout your body with a VibraSlim machine of your own. It even increases the secretion of hormones that are important in regeneration and repair process including human growth hormone and testosterone.

Whole body vibration exercise with the VibraSlim exercise machine can increase your bone density and increase the happiness hormone serotonin and neurotrophine to make you feel better in general. You will also have decreased cortisol levels that can mean less weight gain while it also helps rehabilitate injuries and ailments. Whole body vibration exercise is based on years of research and it is the most advanced and unique for of exercise available today. It's safe, easy, and faster than you will do any other workout without getting the great results. Just use the VibraSlim for ten minutes a day for three to seven days a week and you will reach a whole new level of health, fitness and well-being.

Unlike the whole body vibration exercise that is done with piston vibration, the triangular oscillating motion of the VibraSlim doesn't cause any problems. Instead, it delivers the safest and most effective type of vibration that spread upward from the feet to distribute vibrational energy to the entire body. These vibrations result in rapid and intense muscle fiber contractions from five to thirty times every second. This might not seem like enough to have an effect, but the manner in which the body responds to this whole body vibration exercise is incredible. The human body is unmatched in its ability to adapt to various external stressors and stimuli and the resulting benefits that come from vibration therapy are numerous.

To get the many benefits of whole body vibration exercise, go to and order your VibraSlim machine. Not only does it provide you with the increase in bone density and muscle strength that it was originally created for, but it also causes a dramatic increase in flexibility and range of motion. The health and fitness benefits that you can obtain from doing whole body vibration exercise are extensive and you don't have to devote lots of time to doing difficult workouts. Ten minutes a day is all it takes for you to start experiencing the difference. Join the celebrities and athletes who have already discovered the advantages of the VibraSlim!




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