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Whole Body Vibration Therapy

VibraSlim is a different idea in fitness. It is the most trusted name in whole body fitness equipment and is used worldwide by some of the most recognized names in fitness, sports, therapists and medicine. The VibraSlim is used for whole body vibration therapy by many of the world's top sports teams, universities, elite training facilities as well as medical centers and health clubs. The whole body vibration therapy that the VibraSlim delivers is the most advanced and unique approach to exercise you will get from any fitness equipment on the market today and it is backed by over twenty years of research and medical studies.

The VibraSlim exercise machine is easy and effective for anyone to use. In only ten minutes a day, three times a week, the whole body vibration therapy will lead you to a new level of health, fitness and well-being. It works by creating a motion of oscillating vibration that is the proven safest and most effective method of vibration technology. Whole body vibration therapy is effective because the VibraSlim Vibration Exercise Machine is scientifically calibrated to produce vibrations from the feet up and distribute vibrational energy to the entire body. Vibrations result in rapid and intense muscle fiber contractions from five to thirty times per second causing an amazing response from your body.

The results obtained from the whole body vibration therapy are an example of how the human body responds to external stressors and stimuli. The resulting benefits you will get come from the Vibration Exercise Fitness of the VibraSlim. VibraSlim was originally designed to be used for bone density and muscle strength but it was also found that it caused a dramatic increase in flexibility and range of motion. The whole body vibration therapy causes a quick contraction of muscle fiber that increases flexibility in addition to many other benefits. These are experienced by anyone who uses VibraSlim to enhance their metabolism, increase bone mineral density, reduce cortisol, elevate Human Growth Hormone and increase lymphatic flow.

Not only does VibraSlim provide you with whole body vibration therapy that is effective in a number of ways, but your workout is also quick and fun! In just ten minutes a week three to seven days a week will have you on your way to a healthier you! You will gain measurable results in just ten minutes a session with many groups of muscles being targeted with simple adjustments in posture and body positioning. Whole body vibration therapy can be performed at your convenience at any time you have ten minutes to spare. VibraSlim is also quiet enough that it won't interfere with the TV if you want to watch while you work out.

Celebrities and athletes around the world have found out how well whole body vibration therapy can work and you have the same opportunity with VibraSlim. Just go to and see how easy it can be to get in shape and improve you health in the shortest time ever! Get your VibraSlim and join the celebrities and athletes who have already gotten results from whole body vibration therapy.




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