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Whole Body Vibration

The VibraSlim machine is the newest way to get a great workout in only ten minutes a day. It uses the principal of whole body vibration to improve your health and aid in weight loss. The VibraSlim machine is today's most advanced and unique exercise and fitness machine. Whole body vibration is not a new idea but it has gained new popularity with many celebrities and elite athletes. The use of whole body vibration is backed by solid science and it is safe, easy and effective for anyone to use. Although there are other vibrating machines on the market, none are constructed as well or use the safe and effective vibration technique that VibraSlim does.

Other machines used for whole body vibration provide piston vibration that causes many problems. The VibraSlim's vibration motion is multi-dimensional, using a triangular oscillating motion that has been shown to be the safest and most effective method. The VibraSlim whole body vibration machine is scientifically calibrated machine that produces vibrations from the feet up and distributes vibrational energy to the entire body. This motion causes rapid and intense muscle fiber contractions from five to thirty times per second, causing an amazing response from the body. As the body responds by adapting to the stimuli, it obtains many benefits.

Whole body vibration exercise was not originally created for use as a fitness machine for everyone. Instead, it was meant to improve bone strength and muscle strength but quickly showed that it was capable of more. The advantage than many users experienced included a dramatic increase in flexibility and range of motion. Whole body vibration can also enhance metabolism, increase bone mineral density, reduce cortisol to relieve stress, and increase levels of human growth hormone and increase lymphatic flow. With the VibraSlim machine, you can improve your fitness level without high impact movements on joints and ligaments and it only takes you ten minutes a day.

The VibraSlim workout with whole body vibration is fast, easy, fun, and effective! Just use it for ten minutes a day, 3 to 7 days a week and you will gain measurable results. Many groups of muscles are targeted with simple adjustments in posture and body positioning. Now, you don't have to worry about running short on time and not making it to the gym. VibraSlim is very compact so you can use it at your convenience when you have ten minutes to spare. It's even quiet enough so that you can use it while watching your favorite TV show and it won't interfere! Whether you keep it at home or at the office, you always have time to devote to the whole body vibration and gain the benefits of stress reduction, weight loss, and more.

If you are ready to use whole body vibration to get all the benefits of a traditional workout without al the hassles that go along with it, go to Watch the videos to learn more about the technology that makes VibraSlim the most popular machine for doing whole body vibration and then order yours today!




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