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VibraSlim Vibration Power Plate Exercise - Whole-body Vibration!


Through vibration exercise, you can improve your strength, endurance, stability and flexibility without the constraints of conventional exercise.

  • Strengthen your whole body with the VibraSlim to enhance your athletic performance and muscular balance;
  • Condition your body to increase both endurance and the ability to maintain a high level of intensity without taxing your cardiovascular system;
  • Engage your entire core to build strength and stability for improved physical performance, muscular balance and coordination. Maximize your abilities through a strong core;
  • Lengthen your muscles so you can maximize your range of motion which is essential is sports such as golf, tennis, baseball or hockey. The VibraSlim also increases blood and nutrients to tissues through involuntary muscle stretch reflex thus reducing muscle soreness and risk of injury;
  • Minimize stress in your life and on your body. The VibraSlim is proven to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormore) by 32% while reducing the constraints of conventional exercise on your joints, ligaments and tendons.

The Vibraslim - Whole body Vibration was designed to optimize your training time for a more productive and efficient workout. Training sessions of only 5-10 minutes, twice a week have been shown to produce measurable results. The Vibraslim brings a better quality of life by allowing its users to exercise without the constraints of conventional exercise (time and excess load) whether they are a professional athlete or senior citizen.

The VibraSlim is a motorized exercise system based on the internationally patented Galileo vibration technology. It consists of a special oscillating platform, a vertical support, and preset and manual controls (start/stop, time, and speed). A person using the VibraSlim stands on the platform, turns the unit on, and selects the time and speed (preset or manually). The vertical support can be used to maintain balance if necessary.

The VibraSlim functions in the specific one-directional, oscillating pattern based on the concept of a center fulcrum and an alternating right/left, up and down motion. The motion is similar to a teeter-totter. This produces a corresponding teeter-totter motion at the pelvis resulting in two (2) key actions: one, it simulates the natural, locomotor crossover pattern, and second, it requires active patient participation in postural stabilization. The vibrations activate the involuntary muscle stretch reflex (IMSR). We know that when a doctor taps your patella tendon with a little hammer, there is around 20-25 ms afferent and 20-25 ms efferent response for a total reflex response time of some 40-50 ms. This 40-50 ms circuit corresponds to around 25-27 Hz as a frequency. When exercised/trained at this frequency, the IMSR is activated to the tune of around 1,500 contract/relax cycles per minute. The effects on the circulatory system are enhanced due to the rapid 1,500 contract/relax cycles per minute induced by the IMSR. A strong muscle pumping action is responsible for moving a great deal of fresh oxygenated blood to the working muscles, while flushing out all lactic acid and metabolic waste products.

The VibraSlim provides the greatest acceleration and amplitude available for a vibration device. The amplitude of the rise and fall depends on where the user places his feet on the platform. The further the feet are from the center, the larger the rise/fall. The platform is marked with four placement positions which cover the full 0-6.9mm range. At either end of the platform, there is a maximum displacement of 13.8mm, from lowest to highest point. As a result, the user can expect greater and quicker results from their sessions. Acceleration is a function of frequency, therefore, the higher the frequency, the greater the acceleration. At the highest frequency level (30Hz), the VibraSlim platform accelerates at 25 times gravity. Another way to state this is 25 times your body weight. Very effective gains in strength and power result from this training.

Don't waste any more time driving to the gym or health club, waiting for your turn to use the equipment. With this compact unit, all you have to do is find ten spare minutes a few times a week to reach optimal results. The VibraSlim was designed to provide all the benefits of exercise without any of the constraints. Conventional exercise can cause stress to joints, ligaments, and tendons, and risk of injury.

Measurable results from just a few minutes per session, with no exertion required. Many groups of muscles can be addressed with just minimal adjustment in posture and body positioning.

This fascinating new technology (Whole Body Vibration) is being used by celebrities and athletes the world over. From hardbodies like Madonna and Gwen Stefani, to champion Lance Armstrong, vibration exercise is the choice among the fittest today.  Many professional Sports teams use Whole Body Vibration  in their training.

Whole Body Vibration and the VibraSlim demonstrates a new revolution in rehabilitation and physical therapy by mechanically stimulating your muscles at a specific frequency. The vibrations are generated on a standing platform that are transferred to the user's body. The muscles automatically react to the vibration by contracting in a reflex. This contraction stimulates blood circulation and stretches both tendons and ligaments.

Whole-body Vibration Power Plate



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