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Business Equipment Leasing Program (Lease to Own)

Ideal for those who would like to purchase (lease) equipment for their business. Payments can be used as a tax write-off. Same day financial approvals up to $75,000.00. Give us a call to 888-742-3404.

Personal Financing Plans available - you can choose any plan once you are approved:  $250.00 purchase minimum.

1.  3 Month with payment / Deferred Interest *** see note below
2.  3 Month No Payment / Deferred Interest *** see note below
3.  6 Month with Payment / Deferred Interest *** see note below
4. 12 Month with Payment / Deferred Interest *** see note below
5.  With Payment / Deferred interest until September 2010 ***
6. With Payment / Deferred interest until January 2011 ***
7.  Standard Plan - Prime + 14.73% *
* The Prime Rate for a billing period is the highest bank prime loan rate, as published in the Money Rates section of the Wall Street Journal, on the fifth business day before the first day of that billing period. The annual percentage will never go below 21.98%

*** NOTE:
Actual Payments on No Payment/Deferred Interest promotions may be higher due to accrued interest if not paid in full during the deferred interest period.

*** The Monthly payment = 2% of the highest statemented balance or $15 or Finance Charges, Late Payment Fees and Over Limit Fees plus $20. whichever is greater.

A small set up fee will apply for six month or longer terms and is payable with a check or credit card. Call for details.

Call 1-888-742-3404 to give us your contact and finance information.  Then we will send this information to the finance company for approval.

Finace Department working hours are 9am-5pm Central Time, Monday-Friday.  It takes about one hour to process a form and then you will be called once it has been processed.


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