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Payment Plan

We can finance your purchase into monthly payments on your Visa or Master Card for up to 10 months!

  1. Simply call us and talk to one of our service representatives to decide which plan is best for you.

  2. Complete our one page "Simple Application" and send it back to us.

  3. Your machine can be on its way the SAME DAY!

Financing costs are SIMPLE..... you pay a one time finance fee..... that's it. NO hidden costs or fees.

For example if you finance:

  • $450 Down: $1340 over 2 months, and your payment would be $650
  • $450 Down: $1340 over 3 months, and your payment would be $443
  • $450 Down: $1340 over 4 months, and your payment would be $335





Whole Body Vibration

The VibraSlim® has the best quality machines on the market.

Even machines costing thousands more are not of the same Quality, Construction or Performance! The VibraSlim® is ROCK Solid and Super Quiet, unlike others that feel like they are going to break, sway side to side and are VERY LOUD. Reasons to buy a VibraSlim®:

  • Our Solid Steel construction (not plastic like the others) assures a solid and quiet operation!
  • The VibraSlim is Compact - having a footprint of only 24 x 28 inches, it will fit anywhere.
  • Easy operation - simple manual controls and automatic settings.
  • Proper vibration motion with proper up/down oscillating movement - some machines do not!
  • Powerful 1.5 to 1.75 horse power motor! 20 different manual Vibration settings, up to 50 Hz.
  • Affordable - Less effective and lower quality machines sell for between $3000 and $14,000!
  • Two year Warranty!

Certified Vibration Equipment
Certified Worldwide

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