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Vibration Training

Vibration Training is a simple, painless, quick and efficient way to work out.  The word is quickly spreading about the numerous benefits to using Vibration Training. With its wide array of benefits including - strength training, increased flexibility, bone growth and density increased blood flow and circulation  ( many women say that after using Vibration Training their skin is left glowing and the facial muscles have been firmed during their sessions.  Along with shown decrease in cellulite, I feel that the tightening of ones skin is another underlying cause for the growing success of vibration training.  If you don`t know about Vibration Training, search the internet under Whole Body Vibration training. Vibration Training is an effective lost cost way of maintaining ones self, both inside and out. I am just starting to read about lymphatic drainage and vibration training and it looks also very interesting.. and I very excited to learn to use my whole body vibration unit to its fullest capacity.  Many retirement facilities are now adopting vibration training in their treatment of their residents. Vibration Training is a great alternative to prescription drugs in helping aid people with weak bones and degenerative bone loss.  

Golfing is another industry that is quickly seeing the benefits of vibration training.  Many golf pros are now using vibration training as a way to help golfers limber up and enchance their dynamic range with their swing.  Many top golfers are realizing that 5 or 10 mins on a Vibration Machine is a great way to warm up and loosen up and create a more dynamic range of motion, thus enhancing their swing. Simply by using a vibration machine it allows them to strike the ball with more force and with more focus gaining longer driving range when hitting the ball. Many top certified athletic trainers are looking outside the box and finding that vibration training  has been the missing key for what they have been looking for all of these years.





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