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VibraSlim Europlate® Specifications
Vibration type: Oscillating Vibration
Usage: Home Fitness Vibration exercise
User Weight Rated to: 300 lbs
Speeds: 17 Vibration Settings
Programs: 5
Amplitude: 1 to10mm
Assembled Size: 22 D x 32 W x 48 H inch
Plate dimensions: 22 x 14 inch  
Net weight: 92lbs / Gross weight – 99lbs
Box size: 26W x 13D x 39L inch
G. Force: 2.8 - 3.5 Gs
Frequency: 1 - 30 Hz Plate Vibration

VibraSlim Pro Energy® Specifications
Vibration type: Oscillating Vibration
Usage: Home & Commercial Fitness
User Weight Rated to: 400 lbs
Speeds: 25 Vibration Settings
Programs: 3
Amplitude: 1 to10mm
Assembled Size: 25 D x 23 W x 57 H inch
Plate dimensions: 24 x 9 inch  
Net weight: 176lbs / Gross weight – 196lbs
Box sizes: #1 - 9 x 59 x 15 in.  #2 - 26 x 31 x 13 in.
G. Force: 2.8 - 3.5 Gs
Frequency: 1 - 30 Hz Plate Vibration

The Europlate is our top selling vibrating machine and is perfect for home use. You can not get a better quality machine for anywhere close to this price.
The Pro-Energy is our luxury home/commercial vibration machine and can handle anything you throw at it. It handles up to 400 lbs and runs all day!
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Vibration Exercise Machine
Vibration Machines
Watch our educational vibration training videos and see how different positions effect different parts of the body. Vibration fitness positions can be simply held in position or you can acellerate the workout by moving your position. For example: you can hold the squat position or you can perform sqauts. The vibration machine can be used by all ages young and old and will achieve fitness results in everybody. Vibration Exericse Training is used and has been researched worldwide. Visit our "Media" Page and read the Media and reports.

Why Should I buy a VibraSlim® Vibration Exercise Machine?

You can buy equipment for less, but what you will get is not anything like a VibraSlim. Many companies are selling equipment they buy from china and try to pass them off as quality machines. How will these companies deal with your repairs? These chinese machines need repairs constantly. They will ask you to ship your machine back to them at your cost or, they simply will not do anything. We get calls from distressed customers of these companies daily. Unfortunatley we can not help them.

You can buy equipment for more, in fact thousands more, but even many of them are not of the same Quality, Construction or Performance! The VibraSlim® is ROCK Solid and Super Quiet, unlike others that feel like they are going to break, sway side to side and are VERY LOUD. Don't be fooled by high prices, you will not get better quality of performance than a VibraSlim vibration Machine.

VibraSlim Guarantee and Warranty. Nobody backs their equipment like VibraSlim! We offer a Money Back Gaurantee, a Lifetime Motor warranty and a two year overall Warranty to all of our equipment we sell.

VibraSlim Service is second to none. First of all our equipment is built to last and rarely has any issues. Since 2005 our reliability record has been over 98%. This is due to our equipment quality, we only put top quality parts and materials in our machines. From the motors to the electronics to the steel we use.

In the rare case of a repair, we handle everything. Your machine can be repaired onsite! If we can not repair it, we will send you a new machine, period. Our equipment has been designed to be easily repaired, no matter what the problem is. No repair takes longer then 30 minutes on our vibration fitness machines and most take less than 10 minutes. Our strong, sturdy, and well designed vibration exercise platforms are a well oiled machines that you can count on years of worry-free use.

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