Whole Body Vibration
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Whole Body Vibration

I knew from the first time that I set foot on an whole body vibration machine, that it would help with the many issues that I had been suffering from over the last 10 years. As we all get older and start feeling the aches and pains as we all do as get on in our years.  Suffering with both arthritis and osteoporosis and tired of taking prescription drugs, I decided to do a bit of research on alternative solutions, is when I first stumbled upon the benefit of using a whole body vibration machine. Stop the drugs find a better way. By using a whole body vibration machine you can find the relief from the pain you are suffering try a whole body vibration machine. The VibraSlim is a tri-angular oscillating unit. ( the kind that goes from left to right. )  So should you decide to buy a whole body vibration machine, my suggestion is to do your homework and stay away from any whole body vibration machines made in China, as those  machines can be a nightmare. When using a whole body vibration machine you will feel the benefits right away, from the privacy your own home. For the cost of a latte at your local coffee shop, you can own your very own whole body vibration machine and watch those pounds melt away.

After being in a car accident a few years back and going through numerous sessions with my massage therapist and chiropractor. One day I walked into my chiropractors office , a woman standing on a machine shaking side to side a machine that was called a Whole Body Vibration machine.  I asked the doctor what this was all about. He had told me that it was a Whole Body Vibration machine and the patient was undergoing something called `vibration therapy` the rocking of the platform from left to right he had said was helping with the "adjustments," by restoring vertebrae to their "proper places," He had told me that since he had started using vibration therapy in his practice, not only did he see an improvement in the effectiveness  of the treatments, but also people seemed to really enjoy their vibration therapy treatments so much, that the  number of cancellations that would happen during the course of a couple of months, would almost disappear. His thought was that it was due largely in part to having added Whole Body Vibration to his practice. Needless to say, he used this technique with me and I loved it ! Vibration therapy is definitely something to try.

Sports Medicine is one of the many industries that are adopting vibration therapy.  Many times athletes and sports professionals, injure themselves in areas where conventional sports rehabilitation practices often limited  what doctors could do in helping heal their patients.  Now with Whole Body Vibration physicans are able to target more specific areas, that up until this time were difficult to treat. People are looking for new and inovative means of healing themselves without using prescription drugs or other radical treatments.  Doctors and patients alike are seeing and feeling the results with vibration therapy.




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